Franchisor Insurance & Risk Prevention Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire. It will help us start down the path to determining how MMA can help you prevent risk throughout your franchise organization. Someone from our Franchise Insurance and Risk Prevention team will get ahold of you soon--typically within just a couple days.

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Do you have a risk management exposure checklist put together to help you identify, analyze, and prevent the risk associated with your franchise model?
Do you have the same checklist assembled for the franchisees?
What measures have you identified to help you reduce business risk for you and for your franchisees?
How do you handle FDD insurance requirements compliance? Who audits the compliance?
Do you track your Certificates of Insurance (COIs)?
On average, how many employees does your typical franchisee hire in a year?
Do many of your franchisees use third-party human resources support or consultants?
What are the main requests/needs made by your franchisees?
Do you provide a preferred vendor list to your franchisees for the purchases of their products and services?
Do you or the franchisees have access to and/or store personal data, either online or in hard copy?
Do you provide your franchisees with resources to help them manage their financial resources on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?
How many franchisees do you expect to add this year?